Ourownskin project

OurOwnsKIN Project

OurOwnsKIN – The project The story – OurOwnsKIN is a project which explores human foot skin to rethink how we design for future manufactured 3D printed and grown shoes. Historically footwear design construction has evolved from the manipulation of the material leather – the skin of another animal. Manufacturing machines have advanced to automise how […]
Flax shoe design by Liz ciokajlo

Natural Selection 

Natural Selection The Objectification of the Shoe The project started with the examination of how 3D printing could alter footwear architecture and identify new design constructions. Observations were made that whilst the potential of this new technology offers many benefits the materiality was limited. There seems to be a lack of natural materials used. This lead […]
BioCouture 'Grown Shoe'

BioCouture ‘Grown Shoe’

Part of what we do is contact designers, artist, scientist and engineers doing interesting work for collaborations. Near the end of working on the Natural Selection work, it became evident synthetic biology would offer some solutions to the material options for additive manufacturing. Suzanne Lee of BioCouture consults on bio materials for emerging technologies.