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Below are some of our featured collaborators.

Juliana Sissons

Consultant Pattern Cutter

Juliana tutors in Pattern Cutting and ‘Design through 3D form’ at Nottingham Trent University, and as a visiting lecturer, she delivers a series of master classes to a number of Colleges and Universities, internationally.

Her own fashion / knitwear label, focuses on the development of sculptural approaches to shape and pattern making and as a ‘Designer in Residence’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum, her recent collection was shown in the galleries earlier this year for the ‘London Design Festival’.

In addition to her practice, Juliana is a consultant to the sKINship project.

Manolis Papastavrou

Industrial designer for Medical & Science

Manolis Papastavrou is an industrial designer working on interdisciplinary research projects between materials science, design, engineering and health science.

His work has focused on additive manufacturing of bio inspired composite structures for applications in synthetic bone tissue engineering.

He is a specialist in generative design practices employing Grasshopper and Rhino technologies to design complex tool paths and bio-inspired (human skin) auxetic design structures for product design.

Kris Walsh 

Interdisciplinary designer

Kris Walsh uses design as a tool to provoke exploration and activate discussion surrounding social and cultural perspectives of the body and behavior.

In her practice, she aims to create new experiences and propose alternative futures with products that explore mind-body connections, directing attention to the effect design has on psychological well-being.

After completing degrees in both Psychology and Art History, Kris moved into footwear design. Her recent work, Footwear Beyond the Foot: Extensions of Being (2016), looks to redefine the parameters of footwear to encompass prosthetics and has won multiple awards.