Skinship is a collaborative network exploring the subject of the human body as a meeting place between medical and design fields.

Founded by Rhian Solomon in 2011, the collective examine the materiality of the body, by facilitating collaborative workshops across medical and design related disciplines.

Here subject specific knowledge is exchanged and the processes of making act as a connective languages to inform collaboration.
Since its inception, sKINship has brought together patients, and specialists from reconstructive plastic surgery and fashion (including knitwear, pattern cutting, footwear design and tailoring), whereby parallels have been drawn between skin and cloth, the body and dress.

sKINships projects have acquired international acclaim and have been presented at Nike Design Kitchen and The V&A, and commissioned by The Wellcome Trust, The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, Arts Council Wales, Secret Cinema, Leverhulme, and The Institute of Making.