Reconstructing Ourselves

How does our clothing change as our body transitions through complex surgery? What informs women’s choices both during and following treatment for breast cancer?

Second Skin was a collaboration between Rhian Solomon and a group of women at differing stages of complex reconstructive breast surgery.

Photographed in a series of significant outfits from their wardrobes, the project aimed to highlight the ways in which women select, discard and style their accessories and clothing before, during and following treatment for breast cancer.

Emphasizing the multitude of women’s experiences and mechanisms for coping with sudden changes in their lives and body shapes, resultant of treatment for this disease.

This project was funded by Arts Council Wales and was part of the Reconstructing Ourselves Project – An Arts Research Project at The Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery, examining the stories, lives and experiences of breast reconstruction patients and staff at Morriston Hospital, Swansea.

A series of portraits and self authored books were created, serving as both reflective and visual timelines of the women's personal and clinical journeys.