BioCouture 'Grown Shoe'

BioCouture 'Grown Shoe' Following the Natural Selection project, Liz Ciokajlo recognised that synthetic biology would offer some solutions to material options for additive manufacturing. In 2013 she collaborated with Suzanne Lee of Biocouture, a consultant on bio materials for emerging technologies, to grow a shoe using bacteria cellulose, a low tech method of synthetic biology.

The material was manipulated to varying densities, reducing the need to multiple components to the shoe. An animation was also directed by Lee and produced by Aaron Lampert communicating the vision for future manufacturing.

Thomas Makrniotis rendered in CAD the shoe. In April 2013 the Biocouture ‘Grown Shoe’, animation, and renderings were exhibited along with displays of BioCouture jackets at This is Alive A pioneering exhibition of “alive” products.

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